Christmas may come and go. Still, there are many reasons to continue giving presents to our loved ones. Celebrations and holidays are necessary for the collective mental health of people. So we’re more than happy to accept and celebrate any celebrations that come our way. Perhaps you’re thinking of what to buy for your dad for Father’s Day come June, or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself; in any case, we recommend Luxury Watches For Men.

They are one of the best gifts you can give, and we’ll bring you some of our best recommendations so you can pick the perfect gift for your dear dad. After all, what better way to appreciate a man who raised you and gave you so much love?

Don’t overthink it, and check out the best reasons to buy our choicest picks from Luxury Watches For Men.

Luxury Watches For Men Bring Superior Craftsmanship To Your Wrists

Luxury Watches For Men

Luxury Watches are often completely handmade. Skilled artisanal Horologists spend hours perfecting and crafting the watch at every step. It passes from one trained and skilled hand to another on its way to completion.

If you thought such work only goes into its look, you’ve thought wrong. Every aspect, design, and working of the watch is carefully planned and framed at the hands of master craftsmen. Strict control is kept on the quality of materials and work of each part of the watch as well as its making.

Rado Hyperchrome Automatic Chronograph Match Point - Rado Watches (Limited Edition)

Rado Watches are known for its Luxury Watches For Men and Women, and the Hyperchrome Automatic Chronograph is one of their best pieces. It comes with automatic movement and weighs a whopping 157 grams. It is a limited edition watch, and you will be buying or gifting one of only 999 pieces ever made. Rado Watches once again makes use of Plasma High-Tech Ceramic in this watch.

It is inspired by Tennis and will make any sports lover in your life happy to receive it.

  • Unmatched Material Quality

Beyond artistry, extravagant watch brands spend a lot of effort on procuring premium quality materials for their watches. Rado Watches, for instance, is known for its innovative use of materials. These luxury watches are not only made using expensive materials but also for bringing new and ingenious materials into the market, like Rado with Ceramic. This means it will last a very long time and give you an opulent feel as you wear it on your wrist.

Bulova Watches - Bulova Precisionist X 98J119

The Bulova Precisionist X 98J119 is a true essence of a stylish yet classic timepiece for men. Although its price or grandiosity is nowhere near the women's version, it is still a luxury wristwatch.

  • Built to Last

Luxury watches are built to last more than a lifetime. The expertise and the exquisite materials used in their making ensure that the watch will last longer. While an average run-of-the-mill watch will last up to five years at most, a luxury watch, if maintained, can be passed on to generations.

Victorinox Watches - Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Professional Diver Titanium Edition

This wristwatch from Victorinox Watches is a true luxury Swiss watch. It is a limited edition, and if you buy it, you’ll own one of 1200 pieces in the entire world. To add to the sumptuous feel of it, it also comes with a Swiss Army Knife, two rubber straps (genuine), and a bumper with removable magnifying glass.

  • A Deep And Rich History

These watches have a deep and rich history - connections with the army and military and even with cinema. Victorinox watches, for instance, have been connected to the Swiss army in the past and present.

Hamilton Watches

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Auto Chrono, priced at CAD 4,080, is a luxury watch for men. This timepiece showcases Hamilton Watches' heritage of service in the American Military Aerial Warfare in World War 2. Hamilton has a legacy of being a part of the American military, and they continue to bring this aspect into their most elegant watches.

  • The Best Technology Has To Offer

If you want a taste of new and innovative technology, you should buy luxury watches. The latest and most innovative technology is always integrated. It will be many years before it becomes a norm in average watches.

Tissot Watches

Tissot Watch makers have ‘innovation by tradition’ as their very tagline. They’ve shown this to be true time and again. Starting with the very first pocket watch with two time zones as early as 1853 and even the first anti-magnetic watch in the 1920s, their Tissot Excellence 18k Gold is a luxury watch priced at CAD 3,675 and looks simple and traditional. Yet, it is waterproof up to 100 feet with GMP function, and the bezel is made with 18k gold.

The simple design makes it a good watch for everyday wear, and the gold component makes it the perfect gift.


Giving your loved one a luxury watch is one of the best gifts you can give them. It will benefit them far into the future beyond its current value as well. It will last a very long time, and most of these extravagant watches are handmade by the most competent horologists in the world. Nothing is more special than knowing that every part of your watch is handcrafted for you.

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