Underwater diving is a sport, a science, and even a profession. Some people dive to see the gorgeous array of coral reefs and their unique ecosystems, while others perform it as a professional activity. According to different geographics, cultures, and the region's topography, the method of diving may have differed, but diving they did, nevertheless.

As humans continued to explore land and sea, diving continued to thrive for more than just pearling. With the use of oxygen tanks and other supportive tools, divers could stay underwater for longer periods. With this also came the risk of knowing when to get out so that they’re not starved of oxygen. This is where diving watches come in!

They helped the divers to calculate how long they’d been underwater and estimate the air they’d used from their tanks. These further became specified as divers watches, and they were made by Expensive Watch Brands with the exclusive intent of serving diving purposes. Consequently, there are a few criteria that divers watch must meet. Let’s take a look at them.

Key Characteristics Of A Divers Watch

One of the main characteristics of a divers watch is that it must be water-resistant up to 100 meters. Any watch that is water resistant below this level will not be categorized as a divers watch. Today we have many water-resistant watches, even up to 200 meters, if not more. That said, there are a few other factors we should know about diving watches; they are:

  • The deeper you dive, the darker it is going to be; thus, the diving watch should be readable underwater. Many Expensive Watch Brands use Luminescent numbers or indexes (hands) to improve readability in all conditions.
  • It should also have a rotating bezel that will guide the diver when their oxygen level is low. An average scuba tank contains enough oxygen for 60 minutes, give or take a few. The bezels in diving watches are also fragmented into 60 parts, so the diver will be warned when it's time to surface back up.
  • A strong strap that can withstand constant and direct exposure to sunlight, humidity, and high pressure under water.
  • Helium Valve and Depth readers are not as significant but are useful anyways. The helium valve will help release trapped helium in the watch and protect it from damage while resurfacing. The depth readers, of course, show the depth. These are useful but not necessary.

Divers Watches You Should Consider

Now that we’ve established the importance and use of a divers watch, you should look at some Expensive Watch Brands and the divers watches they offer. You may be diving underwater as a hobby or pursuing it as a profession; in either case, it makes sense to furnish yourself with the right tools. So make sure to have a good divers watch, another one that you can use interchangeably, and a backup watch.

Rado Watches

Rado offers a variety of divers watches with a highly varying price range that you can choose from. The Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Diver is one such masterpiece from Rado Watches. It has a power reserve of a whopping 80 hours and is water resistant up to 300m. With an anti-reflective crystal and a high-tech ceramic bracelet, this watch is the perfect companion for your upcoming dives. You can also find other variations of this watch with rubber straps if that’s what you like.

Where Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Diver with the bracelet strap is priced at CAD 4,600, Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Diver with the rubber strap is priced at only CAD 4,000.

Hamilton Watches

Hamilton watches have a great collection for divers at a much more affordable price.

The Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Auto collection of Hamilton Watches is great for diving. You find them in gorgeous black as well as full-white colours. It is legible, precise, and endurable, with a water resistance of 30 bar or 300 meters. They come with an 80-hour power reserve and are well able to bear the pressure of up to 435 psi.

You can buy the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Quartz  for CAD 880 and the

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Auto for CAD 1570.

Citizen Watches

Citizen watches have an amazing collection for divers, such as the Promaster 1000M Professional Diver. With a staggering 100 Bars, you can scuba dive up to a remarkable 1000 meters with this watch. It is anti-reflective with luminous indexes, markers, and a power reserve indicator.

The strap is made of polyurethane. The movement is a J210 movement Eco-drive Ring that can make use of any light source to power itself, thus ending the need to replace batteries at any point.

Citizen Watches, the Promaster 1000M Professional Diver can be bought for only CAD 2,021, and the Promaster Aqualand for only CAD 770.

Swatch Watches

Swatch watches are fun and come in the most delightful colours and designs. If you’re into diving or scuba diving just for the fun of it, then you may enjoy our collection of Swatch watches.

The Swatch Polablue is only CAD 105, while the Swatch Blue Grid is only CAD 240.

Victorinox Watches

From Victorinox Watches, you can buy the I.N.O.X Professional Diver Titanium Limited Edition, which is water resistant up to 200 meters. It is anti-magnetic and part of a limited edition set with a Swiss Army Knife. The I.N.O.X Carbon is another great watch from Victorinox Watches with a space-tested carbon case - what it is known for. It is water resistant up to 200 meters.

The  I.N.O.X Professional Diver Titanium Limited Edition is available for only CAD 1,795, and the I.N.O.X Carbon is only for CAD 1,195.

Final Words

With that, we come to the end of our most Expensive Watch Brands, and the best diving watches they offer. At Bijoux Eclore, buy a diving watch that will serve you for many adventures - Happy Diving!