Watches have come a long way over the centuries. What started as a pocket watch, now we have clocks of varying types and calibre, we also have watches, smart watches and so many more. Whether it is a smartwatch, digital watch, analogue, chronograph or any of the other types, they are worn for their usefulness as well as to make statements.

Many people assume the use of watches has been rendered useless due to phones and smartphones. This cannot be farther from the truth. The usefulness of watches is not simply because they can tell the time, which a phone can do just as well. A wristwatch is much better at telling the hour, minute and seconds too. While a mobile phone may be equally well able to do this, it is a large device and its working depends on various other factors.

This is why you will see sportspersons, and people of certain professions as a nurse or a doctor still rely on watches. It is on their wrist, handy, ergonomic, does not need a pocket or anything else to store it and is simply easier to use. Today we have watches with calculators, barometers, compasses, key drives, GPS, astronomical features and much more.

Smartwatches have replaced the function of a wristwatch for many people. Then others use smartwatches in their everyday life and luxury wristwatches for special occasions. We also see many people wearing one on each hand. The reality is that, while smartwatches have indeed replaced wristwatches for many people, it has also caused many others to finally have an interest in wristwatches.

In short, general love for watches has not diminished one bit. Many watch brands have begun to make smartwatches too. This makes watching lovers happy because they get the benefit of a smartwatch encased in any of their favourite classics. Today let’s talk about Tissot T Touch Connect Solar Watches. We have rounded up a few of our favourites for you to pursue.

These are hybrid smartwatches from Tissot that boast great battery life and durability. We bring you our favourites from this collection. If you’re on the lookout to Buy Tissot T Touch Connect Solar Watch online, then we’re the guy for you. At Bijoux Eclore we have a wide variety of collections to explore and choose from. Check out blogs for more recommendations from our experts.

What You Should Know About Tissot

Tissot is popular enough in its own right, but if you’re new to this scene, you should take the time to learn about these brands before you buy them. They are luxury watch brands and you should know why they are worth their price. So you can buy them with ease, trusting that you’re not simply throwing away your money.

Tissot is a brand that makes Swiss watches. This company was founded by Monsieurs Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot, who are father and son respectively. They founded this company in the year 1853 in the scenic city of Le Locle near the Jura Mountains right at the heart of the French-Swiss border. The son made the watches while the father made the case for them.

With hard work, invocation and honesty, the company grew to be the giant it is today. Today, Tissot is the official time for world championships in many sports. An example is cycling, motorcycling, ice hockey, formula racing, fencing etc.

Over the years, they have proved their motto ‘ Innovators By Tradition’ to be true. Their innovative watches and watch designs have made these a go-to brand for many people.

Tissot T Touch Connection Solar Watches

This is a series of watches that are touch-sensitive with sapphire crystals. The various functions on this watch can be controlled via touch. This technology was first introduced in the year 1999 and going strong. It has only gotten better over time, with this collection now having over 25 functions.

Today the collection contains hybrid smartwatches that are fit for the modern day. Those who want to maintain their active lifestyle without losing their style can benefit from the activity tracker in these watches. It can also be connected to your smartphone to activate notifications for calls and messages. It is a true modern vintage and below is our recommendation for your next watch.

Tissot T-touch Connect Solar T121.420.47.051.06


This T121.420.47.051.06 watch from the T Touch collection comes with a round dial and is water resistant. The case is round and is made of antimagnetic titanium with a tactile scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face. This watch with an HMSDD dial can also be bought with a ceramic bezel. The dial is a lovely black colour with a textile strap and a standard buckle.

Tissot T-touch Connect Solar T121.420.44.051.00


This T121.420.44.051.00 gorgeous timepiece comes with 30+ functions and is also water-resistant. It comes with a quartz movement and solar recharge. This has an analogue display with a sapphire and glass face. It comes with a silver-coloured silicone band with a buckle clasp. It is also from the T touch collection and is a smartwatch all-in-one.

Tissot T-touch Connect Solar T121.420.47.051.07


This T121.420.47.051.07 sporty watch from the touch collection is perfectly sporty. The dial is a lovely black colour and comes with an interchangeable textile bracelet strap. This watch is a perfect daily-wear smartwatch.


In summary, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar, available exclusively at Bijoux Eclore, exemplifies innovation and style. With its eco-friendly solar technology and advanced connectivity features, this timepiece offers a perfect blend of functionality and elegance. Elevate your wristwear game with Bijoux Eclore's Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar today!