Rados True Thinline collection is a series of simple watches that are at once minimalistic and elegant. As always, Rado has outdone itself and made use of the highest quality materials, like ceramic, to make a gorgeous set of watches. However, you must agree that the Rado True Thinline Watches are different from what you would normally expect from a Rado. Moreover, they are usually loud and large watches that make a statement as you wear them on your wrist. 

Rado has moved away from this tradition with the Rado True Thinline and made simple watches that any minimalist would love. Yet, they're luxurious. There’s something to love about them, even if you’re not into minimalistic accessorizing!

Rado True Thinline Watches

Rado True Thinline

While Rado is not known for their simple or minimalistic designs, the Rado True Thinline series has been popular despite it. These watches may indeed appear simple upon first look. Nevertheless, they’re so much more than that. The inspiration behind the name Rado True Thinline is in the very making of the watch. Rado has managed to make the movement only a millimetre high and packed it into a gorgeous 4.9 millimetre. 

Minimalism is also often regarded as plain, simple or even boring. But no! This set of watches is ready to prove that theory wrong!

Despite the simplicity in appearance, Rado has made sure that it still stands out among a world of watches with popping colours and amazing patterns. With this watch, you’ll be adorning your wrist with probably the thinnest watch. 

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Less Is More!

Rado has made use of ceramic in this series as well. At its launch, it came in three basic colours. Additionally, with time the number of colours has increased. Yet, Rado has maintained the watch's simplicity, reminding us that ‘less is more’ once again. At the same time, they’re not all the same either!

As you look through their collection, you will find not only different colours but also differences in design, straps and even some truly impressive colour combinations. 

More In Less!

With the Rado True Thinline, you will notice that Rado has packed quite a punch in such a no-frills watch. With the newer models, you get more options like the Rado True Thinline My Bird, Diamonds, Studs, Great Gardens of The World, Anima and other special edition watches. 

For instance, with the True Thinline Leaf, the mother of pearl has been used beautifully. It reflects and reveals various amazing visual effects in different lighting. 

A True Rado - Epittome of Innovation 

The Thinline series once again reiterated what Rado has proven long ago. What is that? No watchmaker can innovate quite like Rado does!

Rado was the first to understand and innovate the use of ceramic in making their High-Tech Ceramic watches. They have been using ceramic and more exotic materials to make their watches. Moreover, they have done it once again and developed the monobloc case that we see in this series. 

The specialty of the ‘Monobloc’ is that it is made without the addition of any stainless steel element and is purely made of high-tech ceramic. From the case to the bracelet strap, we find the use of high-tech ceramic through and through, making it one of the most durable watches out there. 

Ceramics is an amazing material as it is very light. It makes the watch essentially weightless. This will give you a very light and easy watch-wearing experience. Contrarily, the material is at once hardy and tough. You will find your timepiece looking as good as new even years after you bought it no matter how extensively you use it. This is more than enough to beat the stainless steel and even gold watches out there. 

What are Your Options?


Le Couleurs ™ Le Corbusier

There are plenty of designs and colours to choose from. 

  • If you love colours and want your wristwatch to pop, then the Le Couleurs ™ Le Corbusier is right for you. 
  • Born out of Rado's collaboration with Swiss architect Le Corbusier in 2019, you will find this in many colours representing the ever-famous colour theory. 
  • The True Thinline Diamonds Jubilé comes with diamonds to elevate the simple watch. It is wearable for any occasion. 

This is not all. As you look through the series, you will find that Rado has collaborated with designers around the world to create a truly modern timepiece that looks essentially timeless. 

They also come for gents and ladies in unisex options. At the same time, the sublime watches in this collection are so modern and unique. Also, the size is perfect enough to be worn by any gender. You will notice once you check out the timepieces!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Movements Do The Thinline Series Use?

The Thinline series comes with automatic ETA Caliber 2892 as well as Quartz ETA Caliber 210.001. 

What Material Is The Thinline Made Of?

Rado has made innovative use of ceramic to create a material known as the Monobloc for this series. 

Is Rado Thinline A Luxury Watch?

Rado is known for its high-end luxury watches, and Thinline is no different. It is perfect for casual everyday wear as well as showing opulence at every curve. 

How Much Does The Rado Thinline Cost?

Rados’ True Thinline will cost you anywhere from CAD 2300 to CAD 4000. 

Is The True Thinline Watch Durable?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is made of High-Tech Ceramic that is innovated by Rado. It will look brand new even years after you begin using it. Even if you use it as an everyday watch, it will accrue nearly a scratch. 


Rado True Thinline is something every watchmaker should aspire to recreate. It is a luxury watch you can wear daily and still maintain its newness. 

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