An amazing watch that blends design, usability, and a hint of vintage Hollywood is the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38MM. This clock pays homage to the relationship between the character Murph and her father in the blockbuster film Interstellar, making it a favorite among movie-goers.

It was launched in 2018 with a limited edition in honor of the character Murph. The watch was designed in collaboration with the film's production designer, Nathan Crowley, and features a unique engraving on the back that reads "Eureka!" a nod to a pivotal moment in the movie. The watch's popularity led Hamilton to release a non-limited version in 2019, which has become a fan favorite for its rugged style and connection to the iconic film.

Let’s discover some magical elements of it.

Why Is Hamilton Khaki Murph 38MM Costly?

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38MM

The Hamilton Khaki is a premium watch that is highly sought after by watch enthusiasts and collectors. It is priced at around $1,000 - $1,200, depending on the retailer and availability.

Hamilton khaki field is a well-respected brand with a long history in the watchmaking industry. They have a reputation for creating high-quality, reliable timepieces that are both functional and stylish.

The watch is no exception, with its Swiss-made automatic movement, sapphire crystal, and durable stainless steel case and band. I believe the watch has a special significance for fans of the movie "Interstellar." The Khaki Field Murph 38MM was prominently featured in the film as a key plot device, and as a result, it has gained a cult following among fans of the movie.

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One of the reasons can be its limited edition, for sure. This has driven up demand for the watch, which in turn has driven up its price.

An Iconic Case Size

A timepiece that has captured the hearts of watch enthusiasts all over the world!

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With its classic 38MM case diameter, this watch perfectly balances easy readability and comfortable wearability. Its rugged and utilitarian design with a long-lasting stainless steel case and the band perfectly complements its military-inspired look. But what distinguishes Hamilton Khaki Murph 38MM is its adaptability; its timeless, understated style goes with anything, making it a go-to for any situation.

The sapphire crystal and automatic movement produced in Switzerland guarantee this watch's high caliber and dependability. In addition, the case is water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it a flawless pick for splashes and brief submersion in water.

Classic Dial of Unparalleled Quality

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38MM


As I unbox my Hamilton Khaki, I can't help but notice the stunning dial. The black background is not only sleek and stylish, but it also serves a functional purpose. Designed to reduce glare in bright lighting conditions, this watch is perfect for those who love spending time in the great outdoors.

The bold white numerals are the next thing to catch my eye. They are not only easy to read but also provide a striking contrast against the black background, making it a breeze to tell time at a glance. Gone are the days of squinting and straining my eyes just to see what time it is. But its luminescent hands and hour markers really set the dial apart. They are coated with a special material that absorbs light during the day and then emits it in the dark.

Elegant Movement Setting it Apart

The Hamilton Khaki Field's graceful movement is what really makes it stand out. The watch has a self-winding, battery-free automatic movement built in Switzerland. Your natural wrist motion powers it, ensuring constant accuracy and dependability of timekeeping.

A robust stainless steel case designed to withstand daily wear and tear houses the movement. One of the most impressive things is its accuracy. The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph has a power reserve of up to 80 hours, which means that it can keep accurate time for several days without wounding.

Stainless Steel Band - Easy to Fit

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38MM

You can rest assured that it won't be harmed while you are out on your outdoor activities because of its tough design, which makes it resistant to blows and scratches. This watch's timeless style makes it a versatile piece that goes with both casual and formal attire. The polished surface of the stainless steel band gives it a streamlined and elegant appearance.

Moreover, the band is movable, making Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38MM simple to achieve the ideal wrist fit. The best part is that its double-locking fold-over clasp on the band secures the watch firmly in place and prevents it from falling off. This is especially helpful if your wrist size differs from the watch's recommended size. You can easily use the tiny tool for the modification procedure at home.


The Hamilton Khaki 38MM watch stands out from other military-inspired timepieces due to its outstanding workmanship and attention to detail. The watch offers a pleasant and skillfully crafted reprint of a vintage military field watch and stands out for its minor touches. While the Khaki Field Murph is more expensive than other field watches, it offers unmatched quality and attention to detail.

Personal preference certainly plays a role in watch selection, but the Hamilton Khaki is a strong contender for those looking for a superior military-inspired timepiece.

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