Citizen watches are one of the leaders of the watch-making world. Their magnificent designs and artistic endeavours have left us in awe many times. They’re probably one of the few well-loved watches despite not having the Swiss tag. Their automatic timekeeping in 1993 has ensured that a watch can be impressive even if it isn’t Swiss. Let's journey through Citizen Promaster Tsuno Chronos’ 50th anniversary together. 


Citizen watches

Citizen is a testament to innovation, precision and timeless elegance. They have again shown their passion for creative watches that stand the test of time. Moreover, the designs and sophisticated styles continue to be unique. For watch lovers in Canada, buying a Citizen watch is not just a purchase but a look into masterful engineering. 

Besides, it is time to dive into the Citizen Promaster Tsuno Chrono. And explore Citizen Watches' online availability in Canada while we’re at it. Get ready for an unforgettable horological experience!

Citizen’s Legacy

Citizen has long been synonymous with originality. Moreover, they’ve been leading innovators in the world of watches for decades. Since their inception, they’ve been creating timepieces beyond usefulness. And the 50th Anniversary Promaster Tsuno Chrono Racer is a celebration of this legacy. 

A Symbol Of Excellence!

Citizen Promaster Tsuno Chrono combines preciseness and class. It is meticulously crafted with keen attention to detail. The golden touch of the leather strap grabs the eye and makes it stay. Moreover, this watch fuses state-of-the-art technology with a classic design.

How Citizen managed such an amazing combination, we’ll never know!

The Craftsmanship 

Every aspect of this wristwatch represents incredible artistry. You can witness form and function in a single unified packaging. Thus, proving Citizen’s commitment to perfection.

One can observe this in how the hands move, the robust case and every tiny detail, and there are many tiny details to grab your attention. Additionally, this watch sports a multifunction chronograph that blends seamlessly with the overall design. Each chronograph in the dial is original, with one showcasing battery life. 

Unmatched Durability And Functionality

Citizens Promaster is more than an eye-catching accessory. It’s an excellent tool that is built to withstand a rigorous and active lifestyle. The engineering that goes behind this watch prioritises endurance. 

  • Water-resistance
  • Scratch-resistance
  • Shock-resistance

These features make it almost indestructible. At the very least, you will not have to worry about cosmetic damage. So whether you’re out in the Great Outdoors or rushing through a busy city, this watch is your reliable companion. 

Stainless Steel Case - Built With Refinement in Mind

A dapper stainless steel case covers the dial. It embodies reliability and class. The sleek lines and brushed finish reflect the modernity hidden in the classic design. Further, the dark edges around are bordered by the golden brushed case, creating balance. The leather strap fetches a touch of earthiness to it. 

A Dynamic Dial

The dial is a work of art in itself. To be specific, it radiates a vibrant design, pulling inspiration from world motorsports. It produces a sense of speed as you look at it and adrenaline as you place it on your wrist. Besides, the sub-dials are complex with luminescent markers. Consequently, you can check the time in any lighting. 

Each of the dials has a distinctive design that is rare to find. Only Citizen can pull this off! 

An Advanced Chronograph

This state-of-the-art wristwatch comes with a futuristic chronograph!

When you buy this 50th-anniversary watch, you invest in more than timekeeping. Besides, you can check the elapsed time. Whether you’re into adventures, sports, or you’re an athlete, it will compliment you perfectly.

Water Resistance

Moreover, Citizen’s Promaster watch has an impressive water resistance rating of 200m. No matter if diving in the reefs or pearl fishing, you have a helpful partner on your wrist. The luminescent dial lets you check time even in the deepest of oceans. 

Dive into the unknown while being confident in your reliable timepiece!

Radio-Controlled Exactitude

The Promaster comes with radio-controlled timekeeping. It syncs with atomic clocks to offer unstoppable accuracy. You can travel the world and notice your watch is accurate down to the second. So not just your outdoor activities, it will also be your best travel buddy.

Sapphire Crystal

The sapphire crystal has become the most commonly used crystal for watches. Moreover, it is resistant to scratches and is highly durable. Also, this hardy crystal will protect the dial for decades to come. You won't believe the clarity offered by this crystal until you see it. 

Harness The Power Of Light With Eco-Drive Technology

The ingenious Eco-Drive Technology is at the heart of this 50th-anniversary watch. Light, natural or artificial, can power your watch as it's on your wrist. Moreover, it will make you forget the times you had to replace your batteries. In addition to benefiting your pocket, it is also useful for the environment. You can always put on your watch, and rest assured; it’ll be running like clockwork! 

Exploring Citizen Watch Options in Canada

Thanks to the digital age, you can discover and buy Citizen watches online. They bring grace and luxury to your doorstep. Besides, you can explore and buy within the comfort of your home. 


Thanks to online platforms, you can shop for Citizen Watches Online. It is now easier than ever. Additionally, you can browse through countless models, compare features in your comfort and choose what your heart desires. Also, you can read reviews from your fellow watch enthusiasts and check ratings. With this and online offers, shopping has never been easier. 

Authenticity and Assurance

When you buy Citizen watches in Canada online, you might wonder about their authenticity. Fortunately, you can check and purchase genuine products with warranties and superb customer service. Check their website until you’re satisfied. You can also visit their physical stores to see for yourself. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy easy returns when you buy online. 

Embrace The Future

The world is going through a veritable digital transformation. Additionally, Citizen has effortlessly blended its legacy into the online world. You can purchase directly or through a certified retailer online. Thus, effectively reaching a wider range of audience. 

While the Citizen made only 3000 Promaster Tsuno Chrono Racer 50th Anniversary Watches worldwide, you can be one among them.


What Sets Citizen Promaster Apart From Other Watches?

This watch combines modern features with its classic design. It is precise to a T and has impressive artistry. Also, this is highly durable.

Can I Buy Citizen Watches Online In Canada?

You can buy Citizen Watch in Canada through Bijoux Eclore. Simply add your favourites to the cart and place your order. 

Are Citizen Watches Suitable For The Outdoors

Citizen watches are ideal for outdoor activities. Just make sure to pick a model curated for the activity you’re planning. 


Regarding the luxury watch brands, few have left an indelible mark like Citizen. Similarly, the 50th-anniversary edition is a masterpiece that continues this heritage. 

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