The fascination with watches persists despite the rise of digital technology, and many watch enthusiasts can relate to this contradiction. Rado exemplifies this renaissance, particularly with their exceptional diving watches like Captain Cook, showcasing their innovative approach to watchmaking.

Established in 1917, Rado initially focused on creating movements for watches and achieved considerable success in this field. Eventually, the brand ventured into producing its timepieces. Further, they gained recognition for using materials, resulting in the creation of award-winning watches.

In the 1980s, Rado started utilizing various types of ceramics as a substitute for metal, offering a remarkable combination of:

  • Toughness
  • Lightweight design
  • Scratch resistance

There is a reason they have a reputation for being the "master of materials."

Rado Captain Cook Collection - A Diver’s Dream

Rado Captain Cook Collection

In today's world, the term "diver watch" is often used loosely, with many people owning them for reasons other than diving. However, the Rado Captain Cook was specifically crafted with diving in mind. It incorporates all the essential features that a diver would require, such as:

  • Remarkable water resistance starting from the rating of 220m
  • Automatic movement
  • A unidirectional bezel.

While the technical specifications of Captain Cook adhere to industry standards, its visual appeal lies in its unusual inward-sloping bezels. Rado utilized this creation in several of their models during that era. Interestingly, divers of the past were particularly fond of this design, contributing to the iconic status of the watch. 

Additionally, including a small rotating anchor at the top garnered significant attention from audiences. These distinctive design elements would subsequently become enduring features in future Rado models.

Have You Seen The New One?

In 2017, the Swiss watchmakers made a significant impact by introducing a contemporary timepiece that draws inspiration from the renowned Captain Cook. While we refer to it as modern, this description mainly pertains to the watch's internal components, as its layouts strongly resemble the 1960s of luxury Rado Captain Cook watches.

At this time, Rado had made notable advancements in material research. Consequently, the new models incorporate high-tech ceramic for their bezels, enhancing durability and resilience.

The Specs In Detail

The Case

The watch from the 1960s featured a 37mm case, a common size for that era. However, to align with modern trends, the Swiss brand increased the case size to a larger 42mm. Moreover, despite this 5mm enlargement, the Rado Captain Cook watch retains the same vintage charm as its original counterpart.

In terms of thickness, the watch measures a mere 12.1mm, guaranteeing a comfortable and effortless wearing experience. It adapts well even to slimmer wrists, providing a snug fit. Further, the inclusion of a screw-down crown on the side improves the watch's water-resistant capabilities, achieving an exceptional rating of 200m. This design feature effectively seals off the watch from water and moisture.

The Iconic Swinging Anchor

One of the Rado watches’ key elements that set it apart is the presence of a swinging anchor. 

Positioned just below the 12 o'clock mark on the dial, a small anchor gracefully rotates. Although it doesn't spin as rapidly as a tourbillon, it provides a delightful visual element to appreciate. Rest assured, it doesn't impose itself as a distracting factor, seamlessly blending into the watch's overall design.

Retro Vibe Of The Bezzel

The bezel evokes a nostalgic aura akin to the previous version. It faithfully captures the sloped shape, features identical markers, and employs the same font as its predecessor. Additionally, the bezel rotates precisely in 120 clicks and strictly in one direction, adhering to diving watch standards. 

In terms of durability, the bezel is crafted from ceramic, a material known for its resilience. This choice not only sustains consistency with previous Rado watch models for men but also promises resistance against unsightly scratches.

The Movement

Powering the new Rado Captain Cook watches is the ETA C07.611 movement. Especially this calibre shares similarities with the renowned ETA 2824-2 movement, albeit with a few modifications. 

Notably, the C07.611 features a slower frequency of 3Hz but compensates with an impressive power reserve of 80 hours. It's important to mention that the lower frequency rating does not compromise the movement's accuracy, thanks to the implementation of contemporary materials within its construction. 

The Variations of These Luxury Watches For Men

High-Tech Ceramic Diver

This is a timepiece designed to excel in various demanding environments. Anywhere from the depths of the ocean, the serene Nordic forests, or the rugged alpine wilderness in Canada, Rado makes sure their watches give you an experience of a lifetime. 

Also, this one model is the result of extensive research and development, eagerly awaited by brand enthusiasts. It represents the perfect fusion of cutting-edge, High-Tech Ceramic production techniques and Rado's innovative approach to watchmaking. Result? The creation of exceptional timepieces that offer superior quality and reliability.

Rado Captain Cook Hrithik Roshan Special Edition

Upon careful observation, one would notice an additional text that reads "300m/1000ft" at the bottom of the "Captain Cook" on this special version. This inscription highlights the outstanding feature of this timepiece, indicating its ability to withstand depths of 300 meters. That would be 100 meters more than the standard Rado Captain Cook.

It outshines the competition because it marks an inaugural collaboration with the Indian actor Hrithik Roshan. As a result of this unique partnership, when you buy this watch even in Canada, a portion of the price will be directed to the Akshaya Patra Foundation in India.

Bottom Line

Rado makes sure their watches go above and beyond to satisfy their customers not just in Canada but all over the world, ladies and gentlemen alike. All these Captain Cook watches are exemplary, and they have many more.

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