Buying a Tissot watch in itself is an investment of sorts. Thanks to our previous blogs, our readers know the deep and rich history of Tissot watches. Tissot is the epitome of what a collectors watch brand should be. While they’re not true haute watches, they are up there due to their excellence and expertise in horology. Thus they make the perfect collectors watches that will turn into an investment in due time.

If you are just beginning your watch collection and you don’t know where to start, you should start with Tissot. Their bold and lasting designs will enter you into the world of watches, and you will never want to leave. With that in mind, here are 9 of Tissot's best that you can start with.

Tissot T Touch Connect Solar

T Touch Connect Solar

Like other Tissot watches, the Tissot T Touch Connection Solar for gents is bold and makes a statement. They’re not for the slender-wristed. The best thing about the T Touch Connect collection is that you can pair it with your phone, assuming you have a smartphone. When you pair this amazing wristwatch with your phone, you can make use of all the functions that this phone comes with.

Moreover, you can also set a password to protect your privacy, as your notifications cannot be viewed by others, and they cannot change your fully personalized settings. These watches are interactive with a touch screen.

*If you want a lady watch, then the Tissot T Touch Lady Solar is for you.

Tissot Seastar

Seastar Watch

The Seastar collection is full of stars that exude elegance and grace. Not only are they good-looking, but they’re also divers certified! This elegant watch can grace your wrist every day, or you can save it for a special occasion. They are your best friend for a pool party or a trip to the beach.

The unisex watches in this collection will leave both you and your partner satisfied with the style. You can now match your watch as you go for a dive in the Andaman Sea for your next vacation. It is truly versatile and has something for everyone.

Tissot Supersport Chrono

Supersport Chrono Watches

No matter how much you talk about Tissots’ supersport Chrono collection, it’s just never enough! That’s how good they are.

They are made for men and are a striking symbol of Tissot's connection to the world of sports, such as the NBA, Moto GP, and Rugby - the most rugged of men's sports.

The watches are bold and huge like the sports from which they draw inspiration. The designs are equally rugged and quite masculine. With quartz movement and chronographs, only a gentleman with a certain pizazz will be able to pull this off!

Tissot PRX

Tissot PRX Watches

Tissot PRX brings a classic old-world charm back to wristwatches. These beautiful timepieces are elegant and fun at the same time. They are truly reminiscent of the late 80s and the 90s. They are small but not dainty, with an exquisite strap that starts tapering from the simple but classy dial. This is a watch that is going to make you feel things when you browse through the collection.

Read more about original Tissot PRX Watch: Why Original Tissot Prx Watch Can Be Your Next Favourite

No matter what your preference for watches is, you will want this in your collection!

Tissot Le Locle

The Le Locle reflects the true heritage of Tissot watches and their humble beginnings in the Le Locle, where they still hold their headquarters. Now Le Locle has become a veritable tourist attraction and is far from the humble town it once was.

True to its legacy, Tissot’s Le Locle collection boasts the most refined and tasteful watches you can find today. With this collection, you will be taken back to a time of luxury watches that look equally refined on a man or a woman.

Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles

Chemin Des Tourelles Watches

Chemin Des Tourelles is a street in Le Locle. In the year 1907, and since then, that street has housed the Tissot factory among giants such as Montblanc and Mido. Likewise, the watches in this collection are retro, funky, and indeed fun. Tissot has once again managed to add sophisticated features to this fun collection and made sure that no one is going to feel left out.

Tissot Couturier

Couturier Watches

Tissot Couturier is a collection of men's watches that are an authentic ode to Haute Couture. They are made and designed with precision and dapper lines. It screams of tastes cultivated over years and years. The attention to detail in this collection is truly astounding and at the same time is robust enough to last. The true test is the test of time, and these watches will ride through time with no problem. They are going to look and perform the same when you are ready to pass it on to your heirs. Some of them are sleek and simple, while others come with chronographs.

You will find quartz as well as automatic movement, so be sure to spend your due time in research before you pick the best one for you.

Tissot Flamingo

Flamingo Watches

If you are looking for a truthfully, undeniably, and boldly feminine watch, then the Tissot Flamingo is the right choice for you. The watches in this collection are made with Mother Of Pearl dials and make the perfect gift for the special lady in your life. The milky iridescent appearance on the watch will look good in every lighting, whether you are carrying it in a simple and relaxed casual look or a formal dressy look.

With bracelet straps and leather straps to choose from, it should go into your collection.

The Takeaway

If you want to invest in Tissot watches, now is the right time. Browse the above collection on Bijoux Eclore until you find exactly what you need. We understand that not all watches are the same, and neither are people. So we’ve compiled a list of different collections from Tissot boasting different features. The ultimate decision is yours, and when you do decide, place your order on Bijoux Eclore or head on over to our store if you are nearby.

There’s truly nothing better than the feeling of a sleek and elegant watch on your wrist.