There is the budget-friendly PRX Powermatic 80, the elegant Tissot Chemins des Tourelles collection, and then comes Tissot's role as the official timekeeper for the National Basketball Association. In 1969, they brought their imaginative creation to life with the release of the quirky Tissot Sideral Diver. The Sideral also belongs to the golden age of 1960s/70s watch design. However, unlike the plethora of industrial, faceted watches of that era, the original Sideral prioritized materials. Further, it featured a groundbreaking monobloc fibreglass case. This was lightweight and remarkably innovative for its time!

The colourful material was fashioned into a playful barrel-shaped case (wider than what you might call a tonneau), creating an incredibly cool combination. Well, in 2023, it's back and even more ready than ever before. It might even rival the fame of the brand's own competitor to the top luxury watches - PRX Powermatic 80.

The Original’s Charm Was One Of A Kind!

The Tissot Sideral collection was initially introduced as a range of modern timepieces designed to appeal to a younger, more active audience. The sporty Sideral S from 1971 serves as the specific model that inspired the new Tissot Sideral collection. Yet, these new models don’t have the groundbreaking fibreglass case of the old one. Moreover, the new Tissot Sideral features a case crafted from stainless steel and forged carbon.

In terms of looks, the new Tissot Sideral isn't an exact replica of the original. It maintains a strikingly similar overall appearance and preserves almost all the distinctive retro design elements that characterized the original version.

The New Tissot Sideral Watch 

Let’s Start With The Case 

The new Tissot Sideral has a tonneau-shaped case profile. It measures 41mm in diameter and has a thickness of 14.4mm, which includes the slightly curved sapphire crystal. It protrudes above the bezel. Also, the bezel itself has an outer diameter of 39mm. Since the lugs are seamlessly integrated into the case shape, the total lug-to-lug distance of the Tissot Sideral is 46.5mm. This design makes the watch a bit smaller than its 41mm size might suggest.

Further, the watch's stainless steel bezel comes coated with black PVD. It rotates in a unidirectional manner with a 120-click mechanism. Moreover, this serves a dual purpose as a dive watch and a regatta timer, with both:

  • Elapsed time markings 
  • A 10-minute countdown scale

Additionally, the display case back and the signed crown at 3 o'clock are also made of stainless steel and are screw-down. They guarantee the watch's water resistance of up to 300 meters.

Stainless Steel All Over- It Might Have Treated The Watches Better

Most watches featuring forged carbon cases typically incorporate metal internal structures to support their movements. This choice is primarily because metal proves superior for the small threaded components and various connection points. However, the design of the Tissot Siderial's exterior leans more towards a stainless steel case with a forged carbon lug structure affixed on top of it. 

When you turn the watch over and remove the strap, the sides of the stainless steel inner case become evident. Additionally, this stainless steel inner structure is also visible on the watch's front, where the metallic ring encircling the base of the bezel is essentially the top part of the stainless steel inner framework.

The Tissot Sideral weighs approximately 90 grams (including the strap). Why? Because of:

  • The relatively higher metal-to-carbon ratio in its case design 
  • The use of stainless steel rather than a lighter metal like titanium

This weight is somewhat heavier than what you might expect from a forged carbon case watch. Nonetheless, the use of carbon does contribute to a reduction in weight. This makes the Sideral noticeably lighter than if its entire case were constructed from stainless steel.

The Dials Don’t Deviate Much From The Original

All three dials on the new Tissot Sideral watches share the same design and layout. 

These dials are entirely printed markings and include a date window positioned at 3 o'clock. The general style of the dials closely resembles the design of the Sideral S from 1971. This resemblance includes the red and green sections between 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock. Also, it’s reminiscent of a countdown register on a regatta timer.

However, the Tissot Sideral is a standard three-handed watch rather than a chronograph. So, there isn't a practical way to use these red and green sections for countdown timer purposes. Thus, their presence on the dial is primarily decorative.

Do you want to know about another similarity? The hands on the Tissot Sideral aren’t really different from those found on the vintage watches. Moreover, they feature white batons for hours and minutes, accompanied by a vibrant red seconds hand. The only update is the inclusion of Tissot's signature T-shaped counterweight on the second hand. It was something that was absent in the original version.

Regarding luminescence, the new Tissot Sideral employs a multi-coloured display with six different Super-LumiNova shades. 

  • The hands glow in yellow.
  • The hour markers and Arabic numerals positioned outside of the minute track emit an orange glow.
  • The minute track itself shines in a dark blue hue (regardless of its daylight colour).
  • Moreover, the red and green sections at the top of the dial each radiate in their respective shades.
  • The bezel markings glow in an aqua-blue hue in the dark.

Since all these markings are printed, the luminescence may not be the absolute brightest. But the wide range of colours creates an engaging and entertaining display in low-light conditions.

The Movement Makes Its Appeal Even Stronger

The new Tissot Sideral houses the brand's Powermatic 80 automatic movement. This movement has become Tissot's preferred choice for three-handed mechanical calibres. Based on the well-established and reliable ETA 2824-2 architecture, the Tissot Powermatic 80 incorporates several Swatch Group-exclusive enhancements. Additionally, it reduces its operating frequency from 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) to 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz). This helps in an extended power reserve of approximately 80 hours.

Besides, you'll encounter the Powermatic 80 in several other Tissot watches. While the version installed in the Sideral boasts an updated skeletonized rotor, the finishing remains rather straightforward. It is much like the rest of the Powermatic 80 series. Some individuals may prefer the original ETA 2824-2 for its smoother 4 Hz seconds hand’s movement. 

Many others are content with the lower operating frequency in exchange for a nearly doubled power reserve compared to the standard version of the same movement.

Sits Comfortably On The Wrist!

The Tissot Sideral comes equipped with a perforated rubber strap that faithfully reproduces the distinctive design seen on the very first model. It doesn’t have a conventional pin buckle or deployment clasp. Instead:

  • One end of the strap's tail threads through a loop on the opposite side.
  • Both ends have small locking connectors that securely fit into the central holes of the strap to hold it in place. 

These rubber straps widen to 24mm to seamlessly blend with the case before tapering down to 18mm, where they connect at the loop-style fastener. The straps offer comfort and flexibility due to their soft composition. You should, however, be careful in particularly strenuous situations where there's a risk of the watch catching on something. After all, the two small connection pieces pressed into the central holes are solely responsible for keeping the watch securely on your wrist. 

With standard 20mm lugs and integrated quick-release spring bars connecting the strap to the case, a wide range of third-party strap options can also be used with the watch.

A Total Of Three Models Of The Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80

To celebrate its comeback, the new collection is introduced in three distinct variations: 

Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80 T145.407.97.057.02

Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80 T145.407.97.057.01

Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80 T145.407.97.057.00

In the Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80 T145.407.97.057.0 and T145.407.97.057.00 models, the dials display minute tracks in their respective hues. Further, the T145.407.97.057.02 variant features a straightforward gray minute track. Moreover, the red and yellow models both employ standard black/gray forged carbon for their cases. Whereas the blue version incorporates subtle blue streaks and swirls within its carbon fibre material.

The Price Of The Most Loved Variant - Tissot Sideral S Powermatic 80 T145.407.97.057.01

Forged carbon doesn't possess the inherent expense of materials like gold or other precious metals. It does often come with added costs in the watch industry. Further, these costs arise from the challenges associated with crafting precise components with a high level of finishing. Nevertheless, at an official retail price of CA$1,375.00, the new Tissot Sideral stands out as one of the most budget-friendly forged carbon watches featuring a Swiss-made mechanical movement. 

Moreover, it’s relatively premium when compared to the brand's other entry-level dive watches powered by the Powermatic 80. Also, it includes the PRX Powermatic 80, which people consider the perfect first watch. It may not offer the feather-light experience of, say, a forged carbon Richard Mille. But it's undeniable that the Tissot Sideral delivers remarkable value for its price point. It has the potential to appeal to budget-conscious buyers seeking a forged carbon timepiece. Also, it is loved by those who appreciate a quirky and distinctive vintage-inspired diver's watch.

Where To Buy?

From The Tissot Website

The watches are readily available at various retail locations. The premier destination to acquire Tissot timepieces is none other than the official Tissot website. There, you can find an extensive assortment of Tissot watches designed for both men and women. One can explore the latest collections or single out a specific watch by filtering your search according to style, price, or collection. 

Furthermore, the website offers valuable guidance on maintaining your cherished Tissot watch. When you make your Tissot watch purchase through the official website, you know you're acquiring a timepiece of exceptional quality. Besides, Tissot watches come with a two-year warranty. For added convenience, the Tissot website provides complimentary shipping on orders exceeding $100.

From An Authorized Tissot Retailer

When you're in the market for a Tissot watch, make your purchase from an authorized Tissot retailer to ensure the authenticity of your product. Fake Tissot watches abound in the market, underscoring the need for diligent research to identify a trustworthy retailer.

Thankfully, there is a network of authorized Tissot retailers spanning the globe, making it possible to locate one nearby no matter where you are. When you’re shopping online, be sure to verify the authorized retailer logo to guarantee the authenticity of your purchase.

Other than Tissot itself, only authorized retailers can offer you a valid warranty for your watch. This way, you have protection in the event of any manufacturing defects. Furthermore, they are equipped to provide the necessary service and repairs for your watch, should the need ever arise.

Consider Online Retailers for Your Tissot Purchase

When you're in the market for a new timepiece, explore all available avenues, including online watch retailers like Bijoux Eclore. These digital platforms have an extensive array of watches, including Tissot timepieces.

Final Thoughts

The latest Sideral isn't Tissot's inaugural venture into forged-carbon timepieces; a visit to the brand's website reveals a prior entry with the T-Race Cycling model. Regardless, this marks their first within the realm of mechanical watches. The 2023 Sideral is an impressive representation of a versatile, technologically advanced, and self-winding sports watch. A watch that combines robustness and endurance with an element of enjoyment. 

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