People are highly valuable. Often enough, we don’t value or appreciate the people in our lives as we should! This is why we should take up the benefit of Women’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and many other days like this. Now though, we have Women’s Day, and it is not too late to gift something to the special woman or women in your life.

We recommend our best selection from some of the best Luxury Watch Brands For Women.

Bulova - The Origins

In the year 1875, Bulova was founded by Joseph Bulova, a Bohemian Immigrant from the United States. Although it started as J. Bulova, since 1923, it has become Bulova. In a way, Bulova can be said to be the first brand to mass-produce watches. It was acquired by Citizen in the year 2008. Despite much preference for Swiss watches, it remains highly popular and continues to be an American-made watch brand.

You will find Bulova watches made with the highest quality materials, and they make use of diamonds and gold in many of their watches, earning them a spot on Luxury Watch Brands For Women in the United States and around the world.

Bulova Women Archive Series

Archive Series American Girl “K.” Bulova

Well, calling it the Women Archive Series might be a little bit of an overstatement. But we finally have the very first women’s watch in the archive series. This piece is titled Archive Series American Girl “K.” it is a gorgeously feminine piece that is inspired by the original ladies' watch from 1957. There is no better way to remind the world of the legacy of Bulova than with this watch.

It comes with quartz movement and sapphire crystal. This elegant and graceful watch is slight and simple, and a watch and a bracelet are all in one. This gold-coloured timepiece is slim and is a perfect choice for the gentlest woman in your life.

Women's Marine Star

Women's Marine Star

The women’s marine star brings some of the most gorgeous watches for women from Bulova. This collection, as Bulova claims, is truly inspired by the sea, as you will see too once you explore this collection. All the watches in this series are water resistant up to 100 meters and are absolutely classy. Some come with a twist that makes them unquestionably appealing!

Any watch from this series will be perfectly at home on the wrist of an absolute powerhouse of a woman. So if you’re looking for a gift for just such a woman, then you should explore this collection. Here are our favourites.

Marine Star - 98E242

This exquisite watch comes with a Black IP Ceramic case that is accentuated with the perfect touch of rose gold. It has 17 diamonds that are set on the case and is fit by hand. The inner dial is made using mother-of-pearl and is protected by a sapphire glass crystal. The bracelet for this watch is also made with black-coloured IP Ceramic, equally accentuated with rose gold accents.

For this watch, the bracelet is a double-press closure. It has a Quartz 2117 Movement and is accurate up to 15 seconds a month. The indexes are luminous with an hour, minute, and second hands and a date function.

A truly bold watch for the truly feminine woman!

Marine Star - 98R295

This watch reflects sheer elegance, and the rich details of this fine watch are hard to miss!

It is made using rose gold stainless steel and has 24 diamonds that are hand set individually on the bezel. A sapphire crystal case closes and protects the dial. The dial is made using mother-of-pearl and has an hour, second, and minute hand. The numbers are Roman, except for the 12, which is replaced with a tuning fork - the Bulova logo. An elegant watch like this is perfect for special occasions as well as everyday wear and is a must-have for all women.

Marine Star - 98P172

This one is all white with silver accents and has five diamonds that are set on the mother-of-pearl inner dial. It also features a date spec and is covered with sapphire crystal. The bracelet is a Ceramic white bracelet, and the case is ceramic too. Also, the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Bulova Womens Futuro

Bulova Womens Futuro

The Futuro Series sets itself apart from other watches with its perfectly round case and dial that is delicately connected to a bracelet that is the same width all around. The look is striking and synonymous with elegance and grace. Our favourite from this is:

Bulova Womens Futuro - 96P172

The bracelet and steel are stainless silver. The dial is made of black mother-of-pearl that is truly striking atop the all-silver bracelet. This watch is without the usual tuning fork logo, and instead, all the numbers are carefully placed diamonds. All of this gorgeousness is defended by a mineral glass that is carefully domed and metalized crystal edge.

It comes with a 9T33 Quartz movement that is battery-powered and highly accurate. Alas, it is not water-resistant at only 0030m. The watch has black accents that are eye-catching over its all-silver look. Other watches in this series are equally gorgeous.

Gift Guide

Many people ask a common question: Do you gift them something you’re sure they like or something you think suits them? Well, this differs from person to person, and you should get to know your person better if you are still confused.

If they’re very picky, it can be useful to just ask them straight out. Besides the above watches, check out Bulova Women’s Grammy and Bulova Women's Classic for some of their best watches.


The above recommendations from Bulova definitely fall under Luxury Watch Brands For Women, but if you want something that is absolutely luxurious and special, check out the Bulova Precisionist - 98J120 at Bijoux Eclore. You get a whopping 62 diamonds overall, and it is a VERY bold watch, only for the truly daring. You can buy it for only CA$ 26,000 and make this women’s day undoubtedly special.

Now that you’re in Bijoux Eclore do check out our other collections and treat yourself to something special or treat that special someone in your life.