Ever wondered why wristwatches have not become obsolete? You can tell the time and date on your phone, and you have a smartwatch in addition to that, yet wristwatches remain as popular as ever. They also continue to remain classic gift options for men, women, and young people alike. Today, though, we will be looking at the Best Luxury Watches For Men and the best they offer. So if you’re wondering if you should buy a watch for a special person in your life, here are some options for you to consider.

Let’s go brand by brand so you can view your options more clearly.

Rado Watches

Rado watches are a world apart for luxury and the specialty of their materials. They are high-end watches, and if you’re looking for gifts, you’ll find a wide range to choose from when you go for Rado Watches. You will discover prices ranging from 800 CAD to 10,000 CAD plus, and you can decide on the right watch according to the closeness of the relationship or the importance of the event.

Rado watches also look very classy with striking colours and gorgeous designs and finishes. These watches also fall on the larger side and are better suited to someone who does not have slender wrists.

Rado watches are the embodiment of the Best Luxury Watches For Men!

Our Recommendation

Rado True Square

Go for the Rado True Square Open Heart for a visually impressive watch!

The strap and the square dial are simple enough that anyone will love it, no matter their personal taste or preference. What is unique about this watch is that it is a skeleton watch. If it wasn’t obvious from the name ‘Open Heart,’ now you know. This watch gives you a look into the gorgeous inner workings, the calibre, the wheels, and the jewel bearing. It comes with a couple of shade options for you to choose from.

At Bijoux Eclore, you can find this in four different colours and prices ranging from CAD 3100 to CAD 3800.

Hamilton Watches

Hamilton watches have a rich, although short, history of serving the US military since World War 2. This brand originated in the USA and is now a part of the Swatch group of companies. These American timepieces are and have always been Swiss watches. The only difference is that it also became Swiss-owned as of 1979. Despite the change in ownership and a Swiss movement, they still represent American Aesthetics. Along with their newer watches, a revival of their vintage watches continues to grow popular, aided by the fact that Hamilton Watches have graced the wrist of Hollywood giants such as Elvis Presley and have been spotted in at least 500 movies so far.

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That is not all; they are highly popular for producing the first electric watch in the year 1957 - The Hamilton Electric 500. It came in a large diversity of designs, especially asymmetrical cases that shot to popularity. One of these, the Hamilton Ventura, remains highly popular as Elvis Presley wore it on more than one occasion and in the movie Blue Hawaii.

Our Recommendation:

Hamilton Ventura

Hamilton Ventura Chrono Quartz 32,3mm x 50,3mm H24412732

To benign with, we will always recommend something from the Hamilton Ventura Collection, especially if you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves Elvis Presley or Hollywood. Otherwise, Hamilton has plenty of amazing watches to pick from, and we would recommend the Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono! It comes in a few variations, but the blue dial, as well as the green dial watches, are something that turns heads.

These make one of the Best Luxury Watches For Men and are great gifts.

Swatch Watches

Swatch watches do not exactly fall under the category of men’s luxury watches, but they deserve a place here just the same. Also, you may find expensive luxury watches from Swatch if you really need one.

Swatch watches fall under the Swatch group of companies, along with others like Hamilton, Omega, Tissot, and even Rado. A huge reason to invest in Swatch Watches is their range of bioceramic and environmentally friendly watches. Other than this, if you are into fun and truly funky watches, then swatch watches are definitely for you!

Our Recommendation:

Swatch Skinnavy SS07S102

You can buy the Swatch Skinnavy at only CAD 235 from Bijoux Eclore, which comes with a gorgeous blue dial and grey bezel. With quartz movement, you get high accuracy with this watch. The strap is also blue and made of rubber with stainless steel buckle clasps. The round case and simple design will look graceful on any wrist and add a touch of fun. With Swatch, though, you have plenty of options to explore that are equally, if not more, colourful and fun to wear.

Luminox Watches

Luminox watches are luxury watches that stand apart from their crowd due to their designs. They have set a standard for their designs that you can recognize at a glance. Watches are highly durable and reliable, telling you the time in absolute darkness for many years. They don’t require any source of light to be luminous, and that is another thing that sets them apart.

Our Recommendation:

Luminox Pacific Diver 3141

The Pacific Diver 3141 series from Luminox watches are our recommendations for today. They are perfect for diving, as is obvious from the name. This Swiss watch comes with a Ronda Z60 Movement with 395/43 battery life and is water resistant up to 200 meters! These watches are individually tested, so you know you’re getting exactly what you see.

Final Verdict

Here we finish our exploration of the best luxury watches out there! Although we still haven't explored luxury watches such as Bulova watches or Fossil watches, we hope these suggestions will come in handy for you or when you want to buy a gift. But now that you’re here anyways, check out other watches in Bijoux Eclore to explore all your options.

Visit us in-store if that’s the kind of shopping you prefer. Happy shopping, folks!