The Tissot PRX is one of the most iconic watches from the Swiss brand Tissot. The PRX has gained legions of fans since its initial launch in 1978 with its distinct bracelet and self-winding movement. But what exactly makes this timepiece so popular over 40 years later? Several key factors contribute to the PRX's widespread status as a modern classic.

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Retro Design

The PRX's classic-inspired styling is a major part of its popularity. It evokes sports watches of the 1960s and 70s but with modern updates. Further, the integrated Milanese metal bracelet gives it a seamless, almost futuristic look. Moreover, this mesh-like bracelet flows smoothly into the rest of the case.

Adding to the practicality, the bracelet features a butterfly clasp equipped with push buttons, offering a secure and user-friendly fastening experience. The vintage aesthetic attracts watch enthusiasts interested in retro design. At the same time, the PRX has a contemporary vibe perfect for young professionals.

Tissot successfully blends heritage and innovation in a way that resonates with watch enthusiasts and families alike.

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Quartz and Automatic Options

Part of what makes the PRX a hyped watch is its accessibility and variety!

Tissot offers the watch in quartz movements and automatic self-winding movements. The quartz PRX models provide accurate timekeeping at an affordable price point usually under $500. Further, this opens the PRX up to watch lovers without big budgets. Besides, the automatic PRX models offer sweeping seconds hands and self-winding convenience for under $1000 in most cases. Above all, there are options for all types of buyers.

Everyday Wearability

The PRX wears well on most wrist sizes. It has a unisex, versatile appeal with its:

  • Sporty bracelet
  • 40mm case size

The bracelet imparts a casual, everyday look to the watch, distinguishing it from the more formal appearance of leather strap watches. Whether you wear it to the office, out on weekends, or even to semi-formal events, the PRX fits right in. No need to worry about water resistance either as most models have at least 100 meters of water resistance, with some rated to 200 meters for recreational swimming and snorkeling wearability.

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New Colorways

Tissot has kept the PRX design fresh and exciting by launching new colorways over the years. While the vintage-inspired blue and silver tones remain popular, Tissot has bold colors like green, red, and gold. Moreover, collaborations with brands like MotoGP and Bamford Watch Department have yielded unique limited editions.

A 2022 collaboration with the NBA even includes game-worn jersey materials in the strap. Additionally, the expanding color options make the iconic PRX feel:

  • Fesh
  • Innovative

Celebrity Spottings

Like many iconic watches, the PRX has been spotted on the wrists of celebrities. Notable fans include actors Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Eddie Redmayne! Hip hop stars like A$AP Rocky and Pharrell Williams have sported PRX models! Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer is both a brand ambassador and a big fan of the watch.

Seeing top stars wear the PRX adds to its reputation and fuels demand.

Quintessential Swiss Timepiece

As a Swiss heritage brand, Tissot has a reputation for:

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Innovation

The PRX showcases some of Tissot's best attributes. Also, all PRX models contain Swiss-made quartz or automatic movements. Even at lower price points, Tissot doesn't compromise on materials or finishing. Moreover, the watch houses these movements in luxe 316L stainless steel cases. However, sapphire crystals provide durable scratch protection.

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Approachable Luxury

The PRX hits a sweet spot of being an attainable lavish watch for many shoppers. It carries the pedigree and quality of a premier Swiss brand. Also, the sleek retro design parallels that of more expensive brands like Audemars Piguet. But at a fraction of the price, the PRX delivers luxury design you can actually achieve. It is this balance of prestige and accessibility that appeals broadly to every individual.

Tissot PRX Price

  • Quartz models begin at $375, featuring a fundamental two-hand design, while chronograph options are priced at $525. And the best part? These Swiss-made watches are known for their affordability.
  • Moreover, the automatic PRX models come in a range from $650 to $975, contingent on the movement and complications. The Powermatic 80 movement, boasting an 80-hour power reserve, starts at $650.
  • Special editions, such as the MotoGP model, surpass the $1000 mark but come up with attractive designs.
  • For budget-conscious buyers, used PRX watches can occasionally be sourced between $200-$400, offering excellent value. Vintage 1970s PRX models are increasingly becoming rare collector's items.

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Diverse Dial

The dial of these watches boasts a captivating variety, with some models featuring a textured wavy surface that adds a unique visual dimension. While others opt for a sleek and classic flat design! The sophistication is evident in the applied polished and faceted indexes that grace the dial, providing functional clarity. Moreover, the hands-on these timepieces come in a leaf-shaped form, with certain models even presenting skeletonized hands for intricate detailing.


A practical characteristic is the use of luminous material on both the hands and indexes:

  • Ensuring visibility in low-light conditions
  • Enhancing the overall legibility of the watch

Positioned strategically, a date window is situated either at the 3 o'clock or 6 o'clock position, contributing to the watches' practicality for everyday use.

Chronograph Excellence

For those who appreciate advanced timekeeping functionalities, some models within this collection offer chronograph capabilities. These chronograph variations typically incorporate 30-minute, 60-second, and 12-hour counters. Further, this caters to individuals who seek precision and versatility in their timepieces.

Unique Craftsmanship

  • The latest generation of Tissot PRX automatic watches incorporates cutting-edge technology with the use of silicone hairsprings, rendering them resistant to magnetism. This technological advancement not only enhances the timekeeping accuracy but also ensures the stability of the timepiece.
  • Moreover, some PRX models showcase a laser-engraved 3D style logo instead of the conventional etched or stamped design. This innovation creates a more dimensional effect.
  • Specifically designed for women, the Tissot PRX 35 boasts a double-curve sapphire crystal. This feature serves to amplify dial visibility, particularly when viewed from sharp angles, making time checking more convenient and efficient.
  • Additionally, certain PRX models elevate the user experience by incorporating a distinctive red arrow tip on the second hand when the chronograph is activated.

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Tissot PRX Watch in Movies

GoldenEye (1995):

In the world of espionage, Pierce Brosnan's James Bond elevated the Tissot PRX to cinematic elegance. He wore a gold Tissot PRX quartz chronograph in the iconic 1995 film "GoldenEye."

Back to the Future (1980s):

Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly showcased the timeless appeal of the Tissot PRX in the 1980s diner scene of "Back to the Future." Moreover, the watch blended futuristic charm with the cool style of the '80s.

Tron Legacy (2010):

Jeff Bridges' character in the sci-fi spectacle "Tron: Legacy" embraced the Tissot PRX automatic chronograph. The watch goes well with the futuristic and digital atmosphere of the movie.

PRX in TV Appearances

Mad Men (1960s):

Don Draper, the suave protagonist of the acclaimed series "Mad Men," wore a vintage stainless steel Tissot PRX automatic. Further, this occurred in an episode set in the 1960s, giving a classic elegance to his character's sophisticated persona.

House of Cards (Season 5):

In the political drama "House of Cards," President Frank Underwood, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, donned a Tissot PRX chronograph. It happened in several episodes during the show's fifth season, with the watch becoming a subtle yet impactful accessory.

The Crown (Netflix):

The historical drama "The Crown" featured a young Prince Philip wearing a Tissot PRX. furthermore, this choice of watch for the character added authenticity to the show's portrayal of historical events, showcasing the popularity of the PRX across different eras.

In these TV series, the Tissot PRX not only served as a timekeeping device but also became a notable element of character styling.

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Tips to Buy Tissot PRX Online

Research and Compare Prices:

Take the time to research and compare prices across various reputable online platforms. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, as they might indicate counterfeit products or unauthorized sellers.

Read Customer Reviews:

Look for customer reviews on the specific Tissot PRX model you are interested in and on the online store itself. Besides, genuine feedback from other buyers can provide insights into product quality, delivery times, and the reliability of the seller.

Check Return Policies:

Before making a purchase, familiarize yourself with the online store's return policies. Additionally, it ensures you have recourse in case the watch does not meet your expectations or if there are any issues upon delivery.


Passing down the Tissot PRX to the next generation is like handing over a piece of time, a tangible link between your story and theirs. So, getting the Tissot PRX isn't just buying a watch but you are bringing home a tiny time-traveling storyteller that makes your collection more special.

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