Acquiring a luxury watch isn't always a practical decision. While some may be tempted to spend an unthinkable amount on a watch, the reality remains that we can always find out the time through various other means. Yet, once in a while, a watch emerges that blurs the boundaries between mere desire and genuine necessity. This is where the Tissot PRX comes into the picture, representing an exceptional value that is difficult to resist.

In recent times, the luxury watch brand Tissot has been making remarkable strides in capturing the attention of the mainstream with this collection especially. Further, these timepieces represent something from the past with their integrated bracelets. A lot agree that it’s reminiscent of the iconic Royal Oak design but offered at a more budget-friendly price point. Also, they have certainly given other favourites like the "Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical," which is often celebrated for its value among mechanical watches, a run for their money.

Tissot PRX Variations Available in Canada

The 42mm chronograph model delivers customers a choice between two striking dial options: 

  • Captivating blue hue
  • Elegant silver dial

Imagine them enhanced with rose gold-plated hands and an eye-catching panda effect, achieved through the contrast of black subdials against the silver background. Marvelous! Also, both dials have a 30-minute and 12-hour totalizer for pro functionality. Next is the unique date window placement at 4:30, complemented by the presence of the PRX wordmark positioned near the six o'clock mark.

Tissot proudly unveiled this watch as part of its extended PRX line, featuring:

  • Exciting additions like new 35mm options
  • A nod to the brand's heritage
  • An alluring gold-on-gold variation 

All of these aspects capture attention effortlessly. The PRX Chrono is entirely another story; it deserves a piece solely written on it.

Special Mention: Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

Tissot PRX


The PRX Powermatic 80 takes everything you already love about the original PRX and elevates it to new heights. Or think of it like this, suppose the idea of a quartz watch fails to ignite your excitement. No worries; the brand has a solution for you. 

For a slightly higher price point in Canada, Tissot offers the PRX Powermatic 80 (yes, it’s automatic). Instead of the anticipated ETA 2824 movement, this watch gives you something more intriguing. Moreover, the watch derives its name from the movement inside, aptly called the Powermatic 80. While it's based on the ETA 2824, it sets itself apart in various ways. Notably, it provides an impressive 80 hours of power reserve compared to the basic ETA 2824's 38 hours. Achieving this is a result of a slightly slower 21,600 beats per hour and a highly automated process. Additionally, it is inspired by the Swatch Group's Sistem 51 experiment. This advanced production method involves almost entirely machine-made components, including the precision laser-setting of the balance.

But let's cut through the technical jargon – in simpler terms; it's an excellent Swiss movement powering a top-condition Tissot watch of this price range. The Powermatic 80 also treats you to an upgraded dial having a tempting and familiar tapisserie pattern. Besides, its execution is so impeccably well-done that you might think it's an extravagant addition to this watch. Some may find it a bit too much, preferring a cleaner look. Once you witness its glimmer under a '70s disco ball, it becomes an irresistible upgrade. Further, it is complemented by the polished frame surrounding the date window.

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How Tissot Compares To Other Luxury Watches


Tissot PRX boasts the self-winding ETA Valjoux calibre, a renowned and dependable chronograph mechanism. The top-of-the-line model showcases exquisite finishing touches, such as Geneva waves or circular graining. It has been rendering it a timeless classic. Also, this movement, designed in the 1970s, remains highly recognizable and esteemed in the watchmaking industry. Why? For its reliability and exceptional performance!

Mechanical Movements

Additionally, a Tissot mechanical movement is a marvel of precision, comprising around 100 finely crafted components on average. The movement is all about the balance wheel, situated at the center, dividing time into equal intervals through its steady back-and-forth motion. Thereby, it guarantees the time you are looking at is never short of accuracy. Moreover, the balance spring's oscillations create the characteristic ticking of the watch, totaling an impressive 385,000 rotations per day.


Further, this is in response to the increasing prevalence of magnetic fields from modern electronic devices. Tissot innovated with a surprisingly advanced titanium-based alloy known as NivachronTM. The revolutionary balance spring displays remarkable resistance to magnetic fields:

  • Surpassing traditional springs 
  • Maintaining precise timekeeping

All of this despite exposure to magnetic influences!


Tissot takes great care to guarantee the origin and quality of diamonds used in its timepieces. This includes detailed assessments of:

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight

All Tissot diamonds meet the strict requirements of the Kimberley Process certification, an internationally recognized system that certifies raw diamonds. Also, their sourcing is always ethical and responsible.

Water Resistance

Every Tissot watch you see in Canada undergoes rigorous testing, including simulations of real-life scenarios. Further, this assesses its ability to withstand pressure. The brand also evaluates the watch's resistance to liquids, gas, and dust by subjecting it to high-velocity impacts with a focus on maintaining superior water resistance.

Innovation and Relevance

Tissot has maintained its relevance in the modern world by:

  • Consistently staying at the forefront of watchmaking trends
  • Embracing innovative concepts

By combining tradition with contemporary elements, Tissot continues to match all luxury brands in their quality but gives them a run for their money in affordability.

A Simple Tip For Beginners

In today's market, the choices for luxury timepieces can be overwhelming, leaving you unsure of which one to choose. But Tissot PRX showed up in your search for a reason.

Moreover, Tissot luxury watches means intertwined gems set within designer dials. Do you know what that means? They are not just a fashion statement but also a wise long-term investment. If you seek a quality timepiece that can be passed down as a cherished family heirloom, your search ends here.

Also, with years of trusted clientele and glowing Tissot watch reviews, both women's and men's watches from Tissot translate into their impeccable reputation.

Ending Notes

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