Grand Seiko is all set to enlighten the stage with some great new additions to the collection.

Grand Seiko is a brand that stands out when it comes to luxury watchmaking because of its remarkable craftsmanship, accuracy, and innovation. The ‘Katana’ Collection, one of their outstanding offerings, has drawn major attention to its exquisite design and uniqueness. From the minute dials that resemble the tempered lines on a katana to the exact movement, every detail of the brand demonstrates the commitment to quality.

The New 3 Additions in The Collection 

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Grand Seiko celebrates the legacy with a new 'Katana' assembly of 3 timepieces inspired by the art behind making exquisite Japanese swords. These are all 3 U.S. exclusive releases and can be found under the titles: 

  • Grand Seiko SBGA489
  • Grand Seiko SBGA491
  • Grand Seiko SBGA493 

Two of the Grand Seiko Online releases - SBGA489 and SBGA491 integrate the latest tamahagane-inspired dials. On the other hand, the limited edition SBGA493 translates a very uncommon dial texture in a vibrant and bold shade.

Specifically About ‘Katana’ 

The katana polishing process requires incredibly skilled and dexterous handwork. The same can be true of creating Grand Seiko cases with Zaratsu polishing, especially the 44GS design, which popularized the brand's look in 1967. Only capable and experienced hands can enhance the layout of the blade or the watch case. They use a hard, flat, and abrasive surface to polish it. Further, this helps them notably forge:

  • Sharp edges
  • Several intersecting planes
  • A perfect mirror finish

A Rare Blend of Tradition and Innovation

One of the first misconceptions people have about Seiko is that their renowned Zaratsu finishing is a watchmaking version of a samurai method. Not at all! The word ‘Sallaz’ is pronounced ‘Zaratsu’ in Japanese. It is the name of a former manufacturer of black-polishing machinery in Europe. 

The ‘Katana’ Collection exemplifies blending conventional Japanese design elements with contemporary watchmaking methods. The minute details and handcrafted components honor the katana swordsmiths' art and show how tradition and innovation may coexist in harmony.

The General Specifications of the Collection

Except for the individual dial variations, let’s determine what’s standard along all three. 

  • Brand: Grand Seiko
  • Models & Dial Color:
    • SBGA489 (Black dial)
    • SBGA491 (Green dial)
    • SBGA493 (Red dial)
  • Water Resistance: 100m
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Thickness: 12.5mm
  • Indexes: Stick indices
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Lume: None
  • Strap/Bracelet:
    • Stainless steel 
    • Push-button release
    • Three-fold clasp
    • Kimono fabric strap (in SBGA493)

The Movement

  • Caliber: Spring Drive Caliber 9R65
  • Winding: Automatic
  • Functions:
    • Seconds
    • Minutes
    • Hours
    • Date
  • Power Reserve: 72 hrs
  • Jewels: 30
  • Other Details: Accurate to ± 1s/ day

Pricing & Availability of The Watches 

  • Price:
    • SBGA489 and SBGA491: $5,600
    • SBGA493: $6,000 
  • Launch:
    • SBGA489 and SBGA491: In August
    • SBGA493: In September
  • Availability At:
    • At Grand Seiko Boutiques
    • Grand Seiko Online Boutiques
    • Authorized Retailers
  • Limited Edition: 
    • Only SBGA493 (red dial). LE of 500 pieces 

What We Think?

While Grand Seiko is more frequently linked with limited editions that are inspired by nature, it does emphasize that all four basic elements - earth, water, fire, and air - are required to build a katana. Earthen iron sand is heated with fire and air, then cooled with water. It’s poetic, right? However, we believe these watches may stand on their own without the connection to nature, even though they are merely variants of the 44GS design language.

Moreover, the timepieces are fantastic when Grand Seiko is operating at its peak. These releases are ideal examples of that.

Bottom Line

The Grand Seiko Katana Collection is expected to demonstrate the brand’s dedication to creativity, innovation, and exclusivity. This collection is poised to leave its impact on the globe - thanks to its precise craftsmanship, premium quality, and universal appeal. Additionally, it will win overwatch collectors and enthusiasts who seek more than just a timekeeping instrument. 

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