Fashion has always been about expressing oneself, and the Tissot offers an array of timepieces that allow for self-expression. The brand has long been the favorite, and the Tissot Couturier collection is no exception.

It’s a masterful blend of form and function. At first glance, the watches exude a sense of refined luxury, with elegant lines and premium materials that set them apart from the crowd. And this doesn’t change.

Every watch features a range of designs to suit every style, from sophisticated chronographs to understated classics. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to detail, ensuring that every element is perfectly balanced and flawlessly executed.

The Tissot Couturier collection presents a variety of different models, each with its own unique features and characteristics. From the Tissot Couturier Chronograph T035.617.11.051.00 to the Tissot Couturier Automatic Chronograph T035.627.11.051.00, every piece under the Couturier name is a work of art.

Design and Build Quality

Tissot’s professionals have done an applaudable job with both the design and quality of the Couturier watches; they’re truly something to behold. You won't find anything bland or generic here.

Chronograph T035.617.11.051.00

Let’s take the Chronograph T035.617.11.051.00 model, for example, a black dial with silver-tone hands and index hour markers. The contrast between the black and silver gives your timepiece a bold and striking look that will get the heads turning.

Chronograph T035.627.11.051.00

The Automatic Chronograph T035.627.11.051.00, in (a beautiful) contrast, has a leather strap that gives it a more vintage feel, adding warmth and texture that makes it perfect for casual wear.

All the Tissot Couturier watches have a sapphire crystal, which makes them resistant to scratches. This is an important feature for anyone who wants their watch to stay looking new for as long as possible. The sapphire crystal is also highly transparent, which means it doesn't interfere with the watch's readability.

Movement and Accuracy

Accuracy is critical with luxury watches. This collection certainly doesn't disappoint in this regard. The Tissot Couturier T035.410.16.051.00, the Chronograph T035.617.11.051.00, and T035.617.16.051.00 models all have incredible quartz movements, which are renowned for their precision and reliability.

Quartz watches use a small battery to power a quartz crystal, which oscillates at a constant rate to keep time. This means you never have to worry about whether the time you are looking at is accurate. The Automatic Chronograph T035.627.11.051.00, on the other hand, uses the natural movement of your wrist to power its automatic movement. And do you know what that is? You can totally forget about winding the watch or changing the battery. Simply wear it on your wrist, and the movement of your arm will keep it ticking. That's some of the best technology available!

Water Resistance

With their high water resistance, Tissot Couturier watches are ideal for those who like to participate in water activities without sacrificing their own style. The watches are put together to withstand exposure to water and moisture without getting damaged. The screw-down crowns and case back help to keep water out and protect the delicate inner mechanisms of the watch.

It's significant to note that while the Tissot Couturier watches are water-resistant, they are not suitable for diving or other extreme water activities. It's always recommended to check the manufacturer's guidelines on water resistance and ensure that you're using the watch in a manner that's appropriate for its intended use.

Additional Features

Tissot Couturier collection

These additional characteristics will make it even more obvious how the Tissot Couturier collection is a true gem. One of the key things with these timepieces is the way in which they flow naturally from one element to the next. Everything is seamless, from hands gliding effortlessly across the dial to the precise placement of the date and day displays.

Speaking of displays, the collection offers a range of options to go with any preference. The Chronograph T035.617.16.051.00 and T035.617.11.051.00 models boast a date display located at the 4 o'clock position, while the Automatic Chronograph T035.627.11.051.00 has a day and date display at the 3 o'clock position.

Is it getting all too much? For the minimalists out there, the Tissot Couturier T035.410.16.051.00 keeps things uncomplicated with a single date display at the 3 o'clock position.

Oh, and before we forget, the Chronograph T035.617.11.051.00 and T035.617.16.051.00 also have that amazing tachymeter scale on the bezel. This unique aspect allows the wearer to measure speed, making it highly practical for the fitness enthusiast in you. Meanwhile, the Automatic Chronograph T035.627.11.051.00 takes things to the next level with a see-through case back that gives you a glimpse into the intricate inner workings of the automatic movement.

Final Thoughts

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