We do not realize just how much of a gift the ability to know the time at any moment of the day is. With candles that would tell an hour had passed to know what the time is around the world, we have surely come a long way. Somewhere along this time, pocket watches turned into wristwatches, and now they’ve become smartwatches. The thing about wristwatches, though, is that their appeal never quite left us.

Watch brands such as Tissot, Hamilton, Rado, and Fossil thrive because people never stop buying luxurious timepieces. Rather their business has boomed once they integrated smartwatch features into our favourite watches. This is true enough for Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Watches too.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Mens Watch is smart, solar-powered, and created with love and precision by Tissot. It might be hard to believe, but Tissot is new for many people who buy wristwatches for the first time in their life. A Tissot watch is an investment, so you should buy a classic watch that you can use when needed. Even otherwise, these wrist watches are great alternatives to smartwatches. Not only do they provide almost all the same services, but they are also just so much better looking. In fact, unlike other smartwatches, you can use your Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Watches even without your phone. This means you just put on your watch and go on a run without worrying about your phone.

In any case, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Mens Watch has so much to offer!

The ‘Touch’

Ever wondered why you can find the word ‘touch’ right next to the name of the watch? This is because Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Watches allow you to interact with the watch through the sapphire crystal touch screen.

Connect Solar

The Connect Solar is, arguably, one of the best features of the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Watches, and it is what we love the most about it!!

With the solar-powered watch, you are essentially talking about unlimited energy. As long as you use it offline, it is never going to run out of battery. This watch has a very impressive power reserve, and with appropriate sun exposure, you will never have to replace its battery or recharge it. Even when you use it online, you can use it for up to six months as long as you give it a little sun, making it the perfect watch if you’re very outdoorsy. You will never have to take this watch off your wrists, whether hiking, trekking, or camping.

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Mens Watch is a backpacker's dream. With photovoltaic cells, it is going to keep recharging the battery anytime you’re in the sun. It brings navigation, a calendar, a chronograph, an alarm, an altimeter, and even the weather to your wrist.

Much like the backpacker's backpack, this watch has everything you need without all of the extra weight and mass. If you’re still not convinced, there’s more!

Key Features Of The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Mens Watch

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Watches

SmartWatch Features

You can connect this watch to your phone as you would any other watch. You should download the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar to your phone, and with that, you will be able to keep track of all your adventures. You can receive and view notifications on your watch just as you would any other smartwatch. You can view your messages, iSMS, e-mails, and phone calls. Additionally, you can keep track of your movements.

Fitness And Move Data

This watch will record your steps, calories, and the distance you’ve travelled. You can view this on the Tissot app on your phone. You can also connect it to your Apple Health app to collect comprehensive details and keep updates on your health.

A BFF For Your Outdoor Activities

This watch comes with a number of outdoorsy features, such as an altimeter, barometer, temperature, weather, azimuth, and a compass. There is nothing more you will need to be safe and sound in your backpacking trips. It will help you maintain direction and guide you through your travels.

The Usual And a Little More

You also get the usual deal, such as date and time with a perpetual calendar, an alarm plus time zones, and daylight saving time. Did we mention that it's great for backpacking? Because with these features you will never be late or lost.

Eco Mode & Auto Sleep Mode

The Eco mode turns on automatically if you haven't moved or used your watch for an hour between 2200 to 0548 hours. When you’re ready to go on a trek or a hike, just turn the Eco Mode on to save battery anytime you pause or sleep at night during days-long treks. Further, anytime you remove your watch, it will go into Auto sleep mode with only the date and time functions working. And the best part is that once the sun rises and you put your watch back on, it will turn off these modes automatically, recharge the battery, and all of its functions will be back to working again.

The End - But Not Quite

Here, we come to the end of our exploration of the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar watch, but it will not be the end of it. Tissot has and will always keep improving on this already-perfect design. After all, the key philosophy of Tissot is Inventors By Tradition. So don’t expect anything less!

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