The distinctive integrated bracelet design that Gerald Genta, a legendary watch designer, first introduced in the late 1970s has been reimagined in the Tissot PRX, completely revolutionizing the watch industry.

The Swiss watch industry was saved by Genta's creations during the quartz crisis, including the Patek Philippe Nautilus in 1976 and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in 1972, both of which are now highly prized by collectors. In 2020 a 40mm case, quartz movement, and affordable pricing, Tissot's contemporary take pays homage to this vintage design. Despite not being around during the birth of the integrated bracelet watch, the impact of this design on the industry is undeniable, and the quartz PRX is a testament to its lasting influence.

The Tissot Seastar, released in 1978, was one of the earliest integrated bracelet watches, featuring a 35mm stainless steel design with a quartz movement and a 3-hand plus date display. In 2020,

Tissot rebranded the Seastar as the quartz PRX, with "PR" representing "Precise" and "Robust," and "X" indicating its 100m water resistance.

Many other brands followed the trend of integrated bracelet watches, but Tissot's early adoption and modernization of the design make the quartz PRX a must-have for watch enthusiasts.

Today’s Tissot Watch: The Integrated Bracelet for All

The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 in 35mm versions and with an exquisite 42mm chronograph are some of Tissot's newest additions to the PRX line. The vast variety of preferences catered for by these new models makes it simpler for watch fans to pick a PRX that complements their own taste. The re-release of Tissot's quartz PRX line-up in 2020, which captured the interest of watch collectors all over the world, marked the company's victorious return.

With no compromise to style or quality, this renowned watch collection provides an accessible way to explore the world of integrated bracelet watches. Being a devoted watch collector, I can confirm that Tissot's PRX series has something to offer everyone and is of genuinely remarkable quality and craftsmanship.

Unboxing the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80: My Journey to the Perfect Watch

Tissot PRX Watch Collection

I spent a lot of time looking for the ideal watch, but the Tissot PRX stylish Powermatic 80 was my mate. The Powermatic 80's textured blue dial and fluid movement won me over in the end, despite the difficult decision I had to make between the automatic and quartz options.

I was amazed by the watch's flawless design and careful attention to detail while I was unboxing it. The 40mm case felt robust but not heavy on the wrist, and the incorporated bracelet was both comfortable and stylish. The PRX Powermatic 80 is the pinnacle of relatively affordable luxury with its traditional yet contemporary appearance.

The watch's accuracy and durability have made it a dependable daily companion, and its eye-catching look has attracted a huge number of compliments.

Sturdy Case: The Work of Art

The sleek and practical design of the PRX watch impressed me at a glance. The integrated bracelet design gives the watch a greater presence on the wrist, making it feel like a 42mm watch, despite its 40mm diameter, 10.9mm thickness, and 39.5mm lug-to-lug measurement.

Finely brushed and polished with bevels, the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 has a 316L stainless steel case. Smooth vertical brushing is used on the sides, and the polished bevels give the design depth and catch the light brilliantly.

Despite the watch's 100m water resistance certification, you need to be careful when wearing it near water due to the push/pull crown. The PRX watch is still appropriate for daily use.

Bracelet: The Sign of Modern Elegance

The striking feature is the exquisite bracelet with its flat links, polished spaces between, and hefty taper. It proves how much value Tissot provides for under £1,000 in pricing. A simple yet effective butterfly clasp and quick-release spring bars allow quick and effortless strap replacement.

The clasp's lack of micro-adjust is a slight drawback, but Tissot's array of half links should fit most wrist sizes. If you are not a fan of bracelets, then here is a surprising element for you - Tissot PRX has added a 40mm model with a fitted leather strap to the lineup following the launching of the 2020 model. But in my opinion, the bracelet is what sets this watch apart from others. 

Dazzling Stylish Dials

I was stunned by the clean and minimal design of the PRX Powermatic 80 dial. The simple applied indices and framed date window at 3 o’clock added to the visual interest and light play. The finishing of the hands was impeccable, with faceted edges and a range of textures. While the lume didn't last long, it didn't detract from the watch's functionality.

The small 'Swiss Made' tag on either side of the 6 o'clock index was a nice touch. When the lights go down, the luminescent hands and indices of the Tissot PRX come to life, giving it a distinctive glow. However, this effect is short-lived and fades quickly, so don't rely on it to tell the time in the dark.

Overall, the dial was a refreshing break from the cluttered specifications of many modern watches.

Powermatic Movement of Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

Elegant Watch

The beating heart of the PRX automatic watches is the Powermatic 80.111 movement, which boasts an impressive 80-hour power reserve. This is achieved by reducing the beat rate from the standard 4Hz to 3Hz, which some may argue affects the smoothness of the second-hand sweep. However, in my opinion, this unique feature adds to the watch's charm and makes it stand out from the crowd of watches with shorter power reserves.

The Powermatic 80.111 is a remarkable timepiece, boasting 23 jewels, a custom rotor, and a revolutionary Nivachron balance spring. This spring is a true game-changer designed to mitigate the effects of magnetic fields and temperature changes. Both of my Powermatic 80s have run within COSC specifications without being officially certified as Chronometers.

Although the Powermatic 80 may not elaborate on the beauty of some of its high-end counterparts, it's a reliable and accurate workhorse that runs with impressive smoothness. The precision guaranteed by its 23 jewels is a testament to the time and attention devoted to crafting this masterpiece.

Wrap Up

The Tissot PRX collection offers various variations, ensuring a watch suits every wrist. Compared to my more expensive BB58, my PRX still won as my watch for a recent family wedding. Because of a stunning waffle dial and bracelet design, this watch looks fantastic from any angle and perfectly blends classic and modern styles. Tissot has indeed done a great job with the PRX, and the design is right on trend. It's a watch that's sure to stay relevant for years to come and provides an affordable entry point into the world of integrated bracelets.

If you haven't used the PRX yet, I strongly recommend visiting your nearby authorized dealer and checking out the selection. Also, I advise buying from the online store named Bijoux Eclore. They are an online retailer that offers free shipping on Tissot watches across Canada.