Hamilton is an esteemed Swiss watch manufacturer with a history of operating business since 1892. The company is known for producing high-quality timepieces that look and function well. Their impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail show their dedication to creating articles that seamlessly fuse clean aesthetics and understated sophistication. Hamilton has become synonymous with elegance; each design combines tradition and innovation, making it a go-to brand for those who appreciate style.

And while most luxury watch brands also follow the same practices, something that separates this one from other watchmakers is its strong past of advancement. It was among the first companies to produce electric watches, which played a significant role in the development of the first digital one. Hamilton has further long been associated with aviation, as pilots have worn its watches since the dawn of flight.

The Hamilton Broadway GMT is a collection that combines elements from Hamilton’s classic watches with modern technology. And it has blown people away with just how amazing it is. Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition models H43725131 and H43725731 are two key pieces in this very collection. While they share some characteristics, there are still differences between them. This comparison emphasizes the collection’s aesthetic and quality.


Hamilton Broadway GMT | Limited Edition H43725131

Hamilton Broadway H43725131

Colour Scheme:

The Hamilton Broadway H43725131 has a sleek and traditional appearance thanks to its black dial and silver-tone hands and indices, which add a touch of refinement to its overall style. Furthermore, its stainless steel bracelet not only adds to its toughness but likewise to its attractive appearance. The folding clasp ensures that it stays securely in place, providing the wearer with a sense of comfort and peace of mind.


The wristwatch's dial presents large numerals printed in a large font at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, with smaller indices at the other hour positions. Because of the large numbers, which are readily discernible at a glance, the watch has a sporty and thoroughly modern demeanour.

Second Hand:

This timepiece has a red second hand that adds a splash of colour to the dial and allows one to view the time down to the second.


The Hamilton Broadway H43725131 was produced in a very small number, with only 999 pieces available worldwide. This exclusive characteristic makes it a rare find and a valuable addition to any collection. This model comes with unique features that set it apart from other watches in the same series.

However, contrary to popular belief, the limited production of this watch does not necessarily make it less expensive than the Hamilton Broadway H43725731. The price of an article is determined by various factors, including its features, materials, and craftsmanship. One piece can be more costly than the other, depending on the specific model.


Hamilton Broadway GMT | Limited Edition H43725731

Hamilton Broadway H43725731

Color Scheme:

The Hamilton Broadway H43725731, on the other hand, has a black dial with silvery hands and markers. It gives the watch a more vibrant and modern formation, which may appeal to those looking for something that has a bit of variety.

In contrast, the bracelet on this masterpiece is a black leather strap with a buckle clasp, a simple and reliable fastener that is easy to use and adjust.


The numerals are replaced by smaller indices around the edge of its blue dial, indicating the watch is more traditional and refined. They made the indices blend in with the dial, making this model appear dapper and understated.

Second Hand:

The silver second-hand of the Hamilton Broadway H43725131 is more subtle, which some people may prefer for a more classic and traditional look.


This stunning piece boasts numerous additional details that people just want to get their hands on. Its exclusivity is further enhanced by the fact that only 1892 pieces were produced, adding to its collectibility. While it may come with a higher price tag, the added quality and limited production mean it’s a worthwhile investment for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The Similarities

The functionality of GMT:

The GMT feature in both watches enables the tracking of a second-time zone. This can be valuable for explorers or professionals who need to communicate with individuals in different time zones.

Sapphire Stone:

The sapphire stone is a highly resilient material used to construct the watch face in both models, meaning it’s less likely to become scratched or damaged over time, ensuring that your investment remains in excellent condition.

Resistant to Water:

Both watches have a 100-meter water resistance rating, indicating they can be worn while swimming or snorkelling but not diving.

Limited Edition Production:

These are limited edition models, giving you a distinctive design and production run. This can make them particularly appealing to those in search of a special timepiece.


Timepieces are self-winding and do not require a battery because they have an automatic movement. All things considered, the movement of the wearer's wrist controls and wind them.


Like other collections and one-of-a-kind watches from the brand, the Hamilton Broadway GMT truly epitomises dedication to excellence and creativity. It's strong mechanics and elegant design make it an absolute must-have.