My exploration for the ideal everyday automatic watch, suitable for daily wear, brought me to the Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto. In my pursuit, I sought a timepiece that went beyond ordinary choices like Timex Weekenders, Seiko Divers, G-Shocks, and Bulovas. I yearned for a distinctive quality that would set it apart from other entry-level watches. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Day-Date, I found, perfectly fulfills this criteria.

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Why Do You Need to Get Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto?

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Day/Date Auto emerges as a commendable timepiece, within the sub-$1000 price bracket. Its reliable performance and enduring quality are highlighted by the inclusion of a high-caliber Swiss movement. Also, I find the watch's somewhat understated design, balanced weight, and overall craftsmanship to be particularly appealing.

Having already owned two chronograph watches, I dismissed the idea of adding a third to my collection. The durability of my G-Shock, known for its near-indestructible nature, eliminated the need for another rugged timepiece. Moreover, my search was centered on finding a watch that is versatile enough to complement various outfits, and offering a subtle indulgence. What attracted me to the Hamilton Jazzmaster was its unique day-date function. While I recognize that this feature may not resonate with everyone, it holds an amazing fascination for me.

In my perspective, the Hamilton Jazzmaster can effortlessly transition between roles, serving as a dependable everyday accessory on a metal bracelet or elevating its appearance for a night out when paired with a leather band. However, it may not fit the strict definition of a formal dress watch, I believe it has the versatility to step into that role when needed.

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Is Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto Expensive?

For those seeking a timepiece that strikes the balance between quality and affordability, the Day Date Auto emerges as a standout choice. Besides, Hamilton has adeptly positioned itself as a brand that not only delivers exceptional manufacturing but also remains accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts.

In a market where high-quality watches often come with hefty price tags, the Day Date Auto stands out as a testament to Hamilton's commitment to providing value for money. Above all, it is a compelling option for individuals who appreciate the finer aspects of watchmaking but don't want to break the bank in the process.

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Shining Highlight of Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto

  1. Case and Dimensions:

The Jazzmaster Day Date Auto is characterized by its versatile stainless steel case, available in both round and cushion-shaped options. The 40mm case diameter gives a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes, while its thickness ranges from 10-11mm, depending on the reference. Further, the case presents a durable scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, providing lasting protection to the dial.

Additionally, an exhibition caseback allows a glimpse of the automatic movement within. The case is designed with practical features, including:

  • 50m water resistance suitable for light swimming
  • Drilled lugs for easy strap changing
  • Option of polished or brushed/satin case finishing

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  1. Dial and Hands:

The watch’s dial is a masterpiece of design, featuring a textured wavy pattern in silver, black, blue, or champagne gold tones. The day and date are elegantly displayed in separate windows at 12 o'clock, giving a retro charm. Depending on the reference, the watch may have baton hour markers or Arabic numerals, complemented by leaf-shaped hour and minute hands in stainless steel. Also, the red-tipped seconds hand introduces a pop of color to the dial, creating a legible timekeeping experience.

  1. Movement:

Housing a reliable and accurate automatic movement, the timepiece is equipped with either the Hamilton caliber H-70 or the upgraded H-32 movement. Additionally, the movement gives smooth winding and up to 80 hours of power reserve when fully wound with 25 or 26 jewels. The day and date functions are flawlessly controlled by the movement, which features decorated rose gold plating on the rotor.

Operating at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (3Hz), the movement is showcased through the exhibition caseback.

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  1. Straps and Bracelets:

The Day Date Auto offers a range of customization options for different looks. Genuine leather straps in black, brown, or tan, as well as calfskin or exotic leathers like ostrich, cater to both casual and formal attire. Milanese mesh bracelets offer a vintage vibe, while linked steel bracelets with polished center links provide a classic aesthetic.

Besides, deployment clasps on bracelets provide added security, while quick-release spring bars on straps facilitate effortless strap changes. These features collectively enhance the versatility of the timepiece!

  1. Additional Features:

Hamilton pays attention to detail, incorporating details that enhance functionality. An anti-reflective coating on the crystal reduces glare, while a discreet magnifier enlarges the date numeral in the window. Luminous hands and hour markers present visibility in low light, and the rear engraving indicates model specs and a reference number. The Hamilton watch looks special because it has the Hamilton "H" logo on the crown and a day window that changes in both English and Spanish.

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  1. Pricing and Availability:

The Jazzmaster Day Date Auto offers exceptional value, retailing between $995 - $1,295 USD at full list pricing. However, it is routinely found at authorized watch dealers for $600 - $800, and on the secondary pre-owned market typically ranges from $450 - $700. Besides, limited edition models may appreciate over time, adding to the investment appeal.

Comparison of Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto with Other Watches

The Day Date Auto finds itself amidst a diverse array of timepieces within its comparable price range. Numerous alternatives have similar attributes and craftsmanship, presenting buyers with a compelling selection. Also, among the noteworthy contenders are:

Yet, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto's combination of timeless design, Swiss precision, brand heritage, and unique layout makes it a compelling choice that caters to a wide range of preferences. Each of these watches distinguishes itself through distinct features and aesthetics, making the decision-making process a matter of personal taste. It is imperative to weigh your individual preferences carefully to make an informed choice.

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Pros of Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto

  • The watch features a secure clasp mechanism, enhancing its wearability by minimizing the risk of accidental openings.
  • The watch's water-resistant properties make it resilient against daily exposure to moisture, enhancing its durability. This feature makes it a good choice for various environments, including light water activities.
  • Moreover, some models of the Jazzmaster Day Date Auto may offer customization options, allowing users to choose from various straps or dial colors to personalize their timepiece according to their preferences.

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Cons of Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto

  • The watch's water resistance is confined to 50 meters, making it unsuitable for activities involving swimming or diving. Therefore, users must exercise caution to avoid water exposure beyond this limitation.
  • Like many mechanical watches, the Day Date Auto requires periodic maintenance. You should be mindful of the associated costs and time commitments for the continued reliability and performance of the watch.

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Interesting Facts

Below are also some reasons that attract me towards this masterpiece:

Hamilton Jazzmaster in Cinematic Ventures

The timepiece has made its presence in the annals of cinema, gracing the wrists of iconic characters. In the 2014 sci-fi epic, "Interstellar," Matthew McConaughey's character opts for sophistication with a Jazzmaster Day Date Auto featuring a sleek black dial. Similarly, in "The Martian" (2015), Matt Damon's portrayal of a stranded astronaut on Mars is complemented by the classic appeal of this watch on a leather strap.

House of Gucci and the Allure of Hamilton Jazzmaster

In the glitzy world of fashion and crime portrayed in "House of Gucci" (2021), Lady Gaga, embodying the character Patrizia, graces the screen with a two-tone Jazzmaster Day Date adorned with a gold bezel.

In the Limelight of Television

In the acclaimed series "Mad Men" (2007-2015), Jon Hamm's character, Don Draper, becomes a vintage style icon by frequently donning 1960s Jazzmaster watches, perfectly capturing the essence of the era. Transitioning to the legal realm in "Suits" (2011-2019), Patrick J. Adams showcases different Jazzmaster models, including a black dial Day Date, elevating his character's legal prowess.

The Morning Show's Stylish Timekeeping

In the Apple TV series "The Morning Show" (2019-), Billy Crudup's character, Cory, steps into the spotlight with a blue dial Jazzmaster Day Date Auto. As a result, the watch became a symbol of luxury in the evolving landscape of television narratives.

Superhero Chic

Even the superhero genre witnesses the elegance of the Hamilton Jazzmaster in "The Boys" (2019-). Antony Starr's portrayal of the formidable leader, Homelander, is accompanied by the confident adornment of a Jazzmaster Day Date chronograph model.

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The watch has garnered commendable customer reviews, with a prevailing sentiment of satisfaction. Enthusiastic customers have lauded the timepiece for its impeccable craftsmanship, chic aesthetics, and the practical inclusion of a day and date complication. While the majority of feedback is positive, a few individuals have expressed minor concerns about the watch's restricted water resistance and the challenges associated with reading the time in low-light environments.


This wonderful timepiece also fits right into modern wardrobes as an everyday luxury watch on contemporary shows. The Jazzmaster makes appearances across genres thanks to its classic and modern design. So, where can you buy it? Well, I got it from Bijoux Eclore as they offer the authentic Hamilton collection with free shipping across Canada.