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Who we are?

My name is Isaac Bitton and I am the creator of Bijoux Eclore Jewelry .Our company is a historic jewelry founded in 1989 by my father Moise Bitton.
We offer you reliable and hand made personal design. From personal to complex corporate needs, Bijoux Eclore has the solution for you.

We provide on-demand jewelry and services to worldwide customers around the globe.

Our goal is to always improve our customers' experience.

We are always up to date with the latest technology, and keep up with the tools needed to help our customers achieve their personal goals.

We are sure to meet any customer's demands and needs. We offer scalable, reliable, and professional service

- Provide our customers the technology to achieve their need.

- Customer satisfaction & loyalty.

- Flexible product & service approach.

Bijoux Eclore offers a series of new handmade fine jewelry to answer both individual needs. All levels of our services are extremely flexible.

If your company has specific requirements for Jewelry, feel free to contact us.

Contact information

Bijoux Eclore

825 Ouest, rue St. Laurent

Longueuil, Quebec, J4K2V1


Tel. (450)674-7462,

Fax: (450)674-7462

Email: eclore@bijouxeclore.com


Opening Hours:

Monday to Wednesday: 10 am — 6 pm

Thursday to Friday: 10 am — 9 pm

Saturday: 9 am —  5 pm

Sunday: 10 am —  5 pm



MOISE Bitton


Moise Bitton

isaac-bitton vice president at bijouxeclore

Vice President

Isaac Bitton

Dimanche, Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi
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